WOKit2.0 Cycling Kit

When outdoor enthusiasts run into difficulties, it can quickly ruin their adventure. But having the right tool by your side can get you back on track - quickly. That’s why we made the WOHO tool kit an everyday object - it’s built on a well-engineered key carabiner. Simply attach the tool to your keychain, and it becomes part of your daily routine: Wallet, keys, WOHO!


Taiwan is where cycling and the tool industry meets. As one of the most innovative cycling companies in the world, we knew we could bring this product to market with flawless execution. WOHO is continuously challenging the traditional design of cycling gear. With the help of a local manufacturing facility - known for their precision - we’re able to turn our thoughtfully designed prototype into a well-built, real-life product.


Nobody likes to be weighed down by extra bulk. This is especially true for cyclists. We examined everyday things, looking for the right place to integrate our tool. After a lot of trial and error, we found the right fit: On a keychain! Door keys are usually made by metal, just like every other tool. And they all have different shapes, which meant they're easy to adapt to different functions. WOHO is your key to adventure!


What have we added to this extraordinary keyring? 


  1. 1. 1/4” Reversible Ratchet - Universable ratchet driver fits not only standard cycling tool bits but also your own tool bits. Makes your tool customizable, brings more function and less weight.
  2. 2. Rivet Extractor - Does what title said, but fits in your pocket!
  3. 3. Bottle Opener - Relax with a cold beverage.
  4. 4. Multi-function Wrench for Cycling - Provide the most needed tools for cyclists, with door key shaped compact design.


With total 28 functions included:

  • 1/4"Ratchet (Torque 30Nm max) 
  • Bottle Opener 
  • Ruler 
  • 5 / 8 /10mm box wrench 
  • 15mm open-end wrench 
  • 14G / 15G spoke wrench


Bundled Tool Bits & Sockets:

  • Hex 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 
  • Torx25 
  • PH3 
  • SL6 




Size & Weights:

  • Carabiner with rivet extractor - 102 x 50 x12mm - 4 x 2 x 0.5" / 77g - 2.7oz
  • Multi-function wrench - 73 x 30.5 x 2.5mm - 2.9 x 1.2 x 0.1" / 21g - 0.7oz 
  • Tool bits 10pcs set - 93 x 26 x 10mm - 3.6 x 1 x 0.4" / 60g - 2oz



  • Carabiner - SCM415 CrMo alloy steel / CNC detailing
  • Rivet Extractor - SCM415 CrMo alloy steel
  • Multi-function wrench - Double Heat-Treated CrMo Alloy Steel, with laser imprinted labels
  • Tool Bits - Nickle Plated S2 hardened Steel