X Touring Bikepacking Handlebar Bag XPac

The Xtouring rackless handlebar bag connects securely to your handle bars for bike packing, touring or commuting, which also ensures an equal luggage and weight distribution on your bike. Especially important when tackling steep climbs and technical trails. Suitable for carrying lightweight, compressible gear and bulky items. Dual roll-top closures allow for a wide range of load carrying.



Modular and customizable: can be used standalone or expanded with warp strips or add-on pack to provide a handy space for additional food, lightweight electronics, and other essentials. The add-on pack also provides a clear panel for map or touch-screen devices.



Xtouring bags were made from XPac fabric by Dimension Polyant USA. Which contains 4 layers :
1.Woven nylon face - high strength and lightweight nylon. 
2.X-Ply yarn - provides additional strength against tears. 
3.PET waterproof laminate - 0.5mil waterproof and rip-stop film. 
4. inner polyester face - prevent stain and scratch from inside. 
Also equipped with Duraflex buckles to stand extreme weather, from chilling cold to burning hot.


For guidance on packing and attaching your Handlebar Bag

CLICK > Xtouring Handlebar Bag User Manuel

SIZE > Xtouring Handlebar Bag Size


Capacity: 6-11liter




1.Body fabric is waterproof, however there's possible of leaking since the seams were not sealed. Therefore extra dry bags were recommended while using in extreme weather. 
2.Make sure you have 8" of clearance from handlebar to tire. 
3.When applicate to drop bar, the volume may be restricted according to bar width. Check tire clearance with bag loaded and properly packed prior to use to prevent bag damage or worse.




1.Packs should be washed by hand to preserve the integrity of the laminated body fabric. Use a mild diluted soap if needed and air dry the pack. 
2.Do not machine wash or dry. 
3.Do not iron.

Product No : HDB-011-03